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Driving around in a nice car with no worries? Driving kilometres without CO2 emissions? Recharge the batteries to go for a ride again ? Continue to use your beautiful old car in city centres?

Utopia you think! And yet… we are entering a new era that meets all these expectations: the era of e-mobility!

Electrical conversion or Retrofitting, consists of transforming any type of vehicle with a combustion engine, petrol or diesel, into an electric vehicle.
Cars, buses, motorcycles, trucks, even boats… old or newer… It is a real clean mobility solution for the citizens.

Electrical conversion responds to the major challenges of sustainable development and to the project’s inclusion in a circular economy dynamic so as not to destroy, but to rehabilitate vehicles in perfect running condition…

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Great advantages

Zero CO2 emissions
Zero impairment loss
Zero fuel
Zero engine failure

More savings
More advantages
More style
More fun

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The Little Ones

Retrofit from
15 000€2
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The Performers

Retrofit starting at
30 000€2
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The Premiums

Retrofit from
20 000€2
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The Pleasures

Retrofit from
18 000€2
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The Trucks

Retrofit from
20 000€2
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+ de 100 front check points certified by Retrofuture

3-year warranty (3)

Guaranteed approval: founding member of the sector in France

Who are we?

electric Vehicules (REV)

Created by Marc Tison, Central Engineer, former PSA group executive in charge of electrical strategy and Arnaud Pigounides, graduate in economics, former director of advertising agencies, specialist in brand strategies and multi-entrepreneur, RETROFUTURE Electric Vehicles is the 1st “French brand” of retrofit to offer numerous models, reliable and secure, and within reach of all budgets. Thanks to our experience in the USA and Europe, which contributed to a change in regulations in France, we are the only one to offer universal technologies, repairable in all European and North American countries and with a full 3-year warranty***.

Arnaud et Marc

Our partners

Over the last 3 years, we have built up a network of partners which today allows us to ensure the optimal quality and safety of our vehicles. From the pioneers of EV WEST to the AIRe association (Actors of the Electric Retrofit Industry) that we created with other French retrofitters, and Michelin for ‘old’ but mordernised tyres. Without forgetting our French partners for batteries, parts and especially the workshops in the west and south-west of France.

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