Range Rover

Range Rover
220 kmAutonomy(1)
190 km/hMaximum speed(1)
150€ / monthSavings(1)
Total price incl. VAT 60 000
or monthly rents in LOA(4) From 980€ / month
More than 3 vehicles available on this model.
Delivery from December 2020 (5)

Well, it's a bit like you've got the Intersidereal class.

An old ‘green’ Range 4×4 that is allowed to drive around town because it doesn’t emit CO2 anymore… We’ll applaud you for daring, we’ll thank you for thinking about the planet and our lungs in style.

"Mama"? Where are the other cars?"


Motor power 150 kW / 195 hp
Battery 30 kWh
Autonomy 220 km(1)
Speed 190 km/h(1)

Options included : improved break and suspensions, simple controller .

The electric experience

Say goodbye to fuel odours and oil leaks! Now it’s possible to drive clean without giving up the charm of an iconic car. Equipped with an electric motor, you can drive a Range Rover without restriction and without risk of pollution or technical problems. What are you waiting for to rhyme mythical with electric?

Configure your vehicle

30 kWhTotal capacity(1)
220 kmAutonomy(1)
190 km/hMaximum speed(1)

Range Rover

60 000,0070 500,00

Touch screen
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+ de 100 front check points certified by Retrofuture

3-year warranty (2)

Guaranteed approval: founding member of the sector in France