Mercedes SL

Mercedes SL
180 kmAutonomy(1)
180 km/hMaximum speed(1)
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Total price incl. VAT 30 000
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An unrivalled design purity. Nearly symmetrical. A true movie star.

“Deutsch Qualität”, the embodiment of the discreet luxury and charm the three-pointed star auto maker is known for. Designed to seduce America and Hollywood, this wonderful « Sports Leicht » is encouraging you to take to the open highway for true cruising.

Get all the benefits from electric modernity and vintage cars together. You will be seen differently, you will enjoy in a new way, you will be on the roof of the world.

"My favorite car"


Motor power 120 kW / 163 hp
Battery 40 kWh
Autonomy 180 km(1)
Speed 180 km/h(1)

Options included : inspected brakes and suspensions, optimized instrumentation, on-board charge system, charging cable (type 2) .

The electric experience

Say goodbye to oil leaks and gasoline fumes ! You can now enjoy an eco-friendly drive without giving up your iconic car. Fitted with an electric motor, you’ll be able to move around in your Mercedes SL without limitation et without toxic fumes nor technical anomaly.

Convert your Mercedes SL to electric power (retrofited Mercedes SL) with Retrofuture. Discover our range of electric conversion options so you can keep driving your favorite vintage car.

What are you waiting for to get “iconic” combined with “electric” ?

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40 kWhTotal capacity(1)
180 kmAutonomy(1)
180 km/hMaximum speed(1)

Mercedes SL

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+ de 100 front check points certified by Retrofuture

3-year warranty (3)

Guaranteed approval: founding member of the sector in France