Who are we?

RETROFUTURE Electric Vehicles (REV)

Created by Marc Tison, Central Engineer, former senior executive and Arnaud Pigounides, graduated in economics, former director of advertising agencies, specialist in brand strategies and multi-entrepreneur.

Arnaud et Marc
Arnaud and Marc

Driving around in a nice car with no worries? Driving kilometres without CO2 emissions? Recharge batteries in record time ? Continue to use your beautiful old car in city centres?

Utopia, you think!

And yet... we are entering a new era that meets all these expectations: that of e-mobility! No more polluting vehicles, electric cars are conquering the territory. They really have a crucial role to play in the transition to renewable energies and in the fight against global warming. Isn't Europe's objective a reduction of 37.5% by 2030?

Lovers of old cars (old boats or old motorcycles...) have no fear, thanks to new technologies you too can participate in the ecological transition. By changing your petrol engine to an electric one. This is called retrofitting. Your beautiful old vehicle will be quieter, modern, environmentally friendly and practical.

Moreover, in many countries, cities are working hard to welcome and facilitate the use of these vehicles by, for example, increasing the number of electric recharging stations, and incentives and advantages (bonuses, free parking, bus lanes...).

Finally, thanks to massive investments by countries and manufacturers, considerable progress has been made. Imagine ... in a few years, thanks to hydrogen and new battery technologies, it will be possible to travel 1,000 km on a charge of just four minutes.

Retrofit your car to electric. Be the first to save the planet in style!